Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Years, Old Friendships

When it comes to friendships, the people who end them usualy feel as though they have been done wrong. I, as you should already know, don’t have the patience for nonsense. I am already not accepting applications for “new friends” and laying off current ones are always in the making. So what’s the problem?

I think, as people get older we get stuck in our ways. We get tired of putting up with people’s personalities, fed up with just accepting them for who they are and we don’t have the energy to accept their faults anymore. We are not in high school. In high school, eventually we will make up because we see each other everyday. We now have our own lives to live. So when someone pisses you off, and I don’t mean something silly like borrowing a hair dryer and never return it, I am talking about serious things. Talking down to you, constantly asking to borrow money, and simply put, crossing the line.

A good friend of mine has disrespected me more than one time. This last one was it for me. I don’t have the desire to go back to the way we were. Last year she took a shot at my spouse and my marriage. That was enough for me to hand her walking papers but some how we got past that and became friends again. This time it was my family. I can’t go back. I just can’t go back.

I’m not saying completely kill this person out of your life. My favorite saying is “you are dead to me,” but I can no longer allow this. We are on this earth temporarily. We don’t return to the Creator to show Him our credit scores, fancy cars or even a great body! We return with our souls. You think when God asks me what I did with my life I’m going to say, “I put up with your peoples crap!” He’ll tell me, I didn’t ask you to do that. It’s not fulfilling. Putting up with people’s bad attitudes is not fulfilling. As a matter of fact, it’s a waste of time to be miserable.

I’ll end this by saying, if you spend more time asking yourself why are you friends with this person, then cut your losses and move on. Do not fill my inbox saying I told you to cut them off for good; I am saying give yourself distance from this person and see what happens. If you get some kind of peace I suggest you keep it that way. Happy New Years folks!

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