Sunday, February 7, 2010

Haiti Part 2

“Maybe if Haiti was forgiven their debt, they could rebuild themselves better,”
“I think they should pay it off.”
“Excuse me?”
“If you owe money you should pay it off.”
“You can’t be serious.”
“Haiti is getting enough help and America is always trying to save people when we have problems of our own.”
“I can’t believe you are saying this shit.”
“I’m just saying, my people,” she pauses. “In New Orleans are still suffering from Katrina and Haiti is getting 300 million dollars and you want them to get a debt write off?”

I am in shock and full of anger. Before I speak, I ask myself if I should I let this fake history buff have it? Or let her continue to make an ass out of herself by repeating this to others. I will let her die of ignorance. I don’t argue with mules.

“See why I can’t fuck with American girls?” Andre says pointing at his Jamaican flag tattoo on his arm. “No culture. Who the fuck says that?”
“Apparently a lot of African Americans feel that way.”
“No they don’t. If Africa fell off the face of the earth and we needed to rebuild it, them niggas would turn their noses up and say, “I’m not African, they should pay their debt.” That’s some ol bullshit! No culture ma, no culture. You see who your true friends are during the bad never the good.”

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